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Thank heavens the 5 Points still stands.

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If the tips are especially generous I'll spring for the chicken fried steak in the knowledge I'm knocking a month off of my life. I was going to type a long screed about Mienert being a Palo Alto rich kid that used daddys money to make up for lack of talent and cool in the music scene.

I could mention that he sexually harasses his employees and he generally has a big mouth and gets into places where he does not belong.

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But I think that Meinert being a douchebag can be summed up by the fact that the Comet is now an acoustic venue. I hate the comet so he never got my money but i do enjoy the 5 point the 1 time a year i probably make it there. Exactly why I recommended them haha. Dude wants to come to town and pick up girls? I think of the bars on that side of Pike as how i can relive college without going back to Tucson. Oh wonderful Seattlites just love loudmouthed, self aggrandizing New Yorkers, we can not seem to have enough of those in town. Did I not say it may come off as pretentious and ridiculous?

If you don't like the topic, move on. If you don't like that Seattle doesn't care about your new york pretensions stay home, we wont be holding our breath. Thanks for the info so far.

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What does "Aurora North of 85th" mean? Is that a district? Is there any type of scene on Thursday night, or do you have to wait until Friday?

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12 Places and Bars You Must Try To Meet Cougars In Seattle in 12222

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  • I know the guy so I'm quite curious. I am actually sad, I miss the 5 point but wont give that man my hard earned cash. I think the only thing we may love more is striking up conversations with strangers. We don't have that in New York.

    Seattle hookup spots - The Center for Wellness Leadership

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