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I did OK, but I didn't set any records. But I hated swim practice where we would swim swim swim for an hour or so I often felt like I was going to drown. In my adult life I have become less of a sprinter in my physical exercise, taking a more measured approach to my fitness and life way. Here's what I mean. People either run or they walk, for the most part.

When I run, the sprinter brain kicks in and I start running faster. Trying to catch the runner in front of me. Trying to beat the runner ahead as we head up the long hill. When I run a tend to get anaerobic, and drive myself too hard. Sort of the way I did when I was swimming. If I swam at my natural sprint-like pace, I'd never make it through a half hour of swim practice. I learned to dial it back, to breathe a lot more and to go the distance. In walking versus running, I've also learned a similar pattern for myself. And when I do I notice more pain, more exhaustion and my recovery time the next day is much higher.

So if I go out and run two miles vs. If I walk, I can walk day after day without any real recovery days, unless it's really hot, like it was last week. Texas summer heat is mean business. So, for my life and my style of fitness and my age, I walk.

And I walk happily. And I'll walk every day if I can. If I ran, I'd probably work up to daily runs or at least every other day, but what's the point if my joints start aching and if I am damaging my long-term ability to play tennis, or even walk? There's no point in it. I know there's a time thing for most people.

And running takes a lot less time and can give you higher benefits.

What is the Right Pace of Growth for a Relationship | Bravester

But that's just fine with me. In my relationships I tend to approach things like a sprinter or runner. And I'm tired of the long recovery periods.

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I've learned that going fast may feel exhilarating, but it might be a flaw in my strategy. If I walked more, in my dating process, perhaps I would become less focused on one woman and be more comfortable casually dating a few at a time. I'm just talking about "getting to know you" dating.

New relationship? Why pace can make or break it. — Susan Winter

Here's what I've learned just in the last week as a serious dating relationship collapsed under the weight of our collective mismatch. I had put all of my eggs in her basket, and that tended to make me more focused on her than perhaps I should've been. I wanted her badly, and our courtship turned to passion in a few weeks. It is an excellent resource to keep your relationship moving in a positive direction for the long haul. Chapman states that we all feel loved different ways. You will have a primary love language, perhaps a secondary and may have some elements of all of them, however they will not be as strong.

The five love languages are: Gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time and physical touch. For example, getting the car serviced, fixing things around the house, running an errand. Words of affirmation - You feel loved and appreciated when you are complimented and told that you are loved and appreciated.

A Sprinter In Love, Learning to Pace Myself in Dating

Quality time - It is important for you to spend quality time with your partner and you feel fulfilled and loved when you do. Physical touch - Hand holding, kissing, caressing and sex are in this category. You feel loved when you have physical touch. The following is an example of a typical pitfall when unaware of love languages. Jack worked a lot of overtime at his job for six months prior to Christmas. Sally missed him terribly and began to feel distant from Jack. When Christmas day came, Jack presented Sally with a brand-new car with a big red bow for a gift.

Sally was furious as she could care less about the car or gifts for that matter.

What is the Right Pace of Growth for a Relationship

All she wanted was to spend quality time with the man she loved. It is appropriate to do this even at the beginning of a committed relationship, however the knowledge of the love languages will also help a couple that has been together for many years. We relish the emotional high and butterfly feelings love creates.

You may be thinking of where to get married, and even wondering what your children will look like! A great example is children. It takes time to know if he is a good match and meets ALL your requirements, which you can find out through testing. The best way to know is through watching his behavior around children. There is no rush, or first prize, for getting into a relationship with a dud. Take your time and remember that chemistry in a relationship can influence your opinions and decision, which can last between 2 months and two years.

You love being with your partner. Even though you sometimes argue or disagree, you know the two of you are a great match. You even enjoy being away from your partner because then you get to come home and fill them in! For the long haul. And, your partner is committed too. Be curious about one another. Even when we know someone really well, there are still surprises. Ask what your partner thinks about all sorts of things. Talk about both of your values and how you want to live your lives.

If you think you already know the answer, ask anyway.

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We can be really good at thinking we know exactly how our partner thinks and feels, but we can often be wrong, believe it or not. Also, allow for some flexibility. So, make some room for that growth in your relationship. Long term relationships are really about respecting each other and allowing your partner to be who they are, even if they sometimes drive you batty! It sounds obvious, but so often we can get worn down with the day-to-day tasks that we forget to really focus on our partner. For others, it may mean physical touch, anything from kisses and hugs to a healthy sex life.

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Still for other couples, it can be verbally validating the other person and telling them what you appreciate about them or even using thoughtful gifts to express caring. Really, the key is to find out what makes your partner feel loved and keep doing those things, and vice versa. In long-term relationships, we may sometimes feel head-over-heels in love with our partner, and there may even be times we could kinda take them or leave them.

Asking these kinds of questions can help shift the focus back to investing in each other, which tends to improve all kinds of things, from having great sex to feeling emotionally closer to just being happier overall in your relationship. Ivy Griffin , MA. So many of us, so many times have a tendency to run into things at miles per hour. Usually because now a fear may have arisen in us… what if we lose this feeling? When we think we are creating security, what we are often really doing is ruining things and pushing away a great potential partner. When we try to rush we can actually take away from some of the layers of intimacy that take more time to build.

Enjoy the ride even, in this place. Let that be the thing that leads you into deeper commitment. Get out of your head, and feel into things. Connect with the natural intuition of your heart. Stop thinking so much, stop over thinking and ruining beautiful moments, just open your heart and love authentically because it feels so good. I believe that the world and Love are happening for, not to me. That and deep committed love. The desire to continue working, refining, reminding, learning, growing and loving forward.

It seems that this is the time in which relationships easily fall apart in inexplicable ways often leaving one or both parties hurt and disappointed. Once it is in the air it flies with ease.